Mavericks 1st Birthday - Founder's Favourites!

Lots of people said we were mad when we started Mavericks Laces a year ago, and maybe they were right. However, a year on and we couldn’t be prouder to be celebrating our 1st birthday as an independently owned Melbourne business. It’s certainly been a year full of highlights, but what still gives us the biggest buzz is watching our humble coloured shoelaces creating Mavericks all over the world. 

To help celebrate our birthday we wanted to do something special for you. Introducing the Founder's Favourites. Available for one week only, this limited edition 3 pack is a selection of the 3 founder's favourite colours from the year past. Grab yours today here.

Read on to find out which colours each of the founders love the most and why.

Founder: Jayden
Favourite Lace: George Racing Green
George is my boy. He's my go to man and definitely the most versatile in the range. The muted tones allow him to be paired with any colour kick, in particular my tan or burgundy derby and brogues. He's all class – on trend, yet refined at the same time. George gets the job done!

Founder: Leigh
Favourite Lace: Nemo Coral
I'm a champion of wearing bright colours. Always have been. So at the moment I'm living in my Nemos. I find nemo to be a good balance against a lot of different shoes that I have and the pinkish hue attracts the ladies. Win win. It also sorts the men from the boys as far as knowing your pink from your coral.

Founder: Luke
Favourite Lace: Goose Yellow
Good old Goose - he has never let me down. I normally don't wear any yellow and I think that is why I like Goose the best. The yellow goes with all my shoes and makes a statement in my getup. Goose got me through the Melbourne winter because he reminded me of the sun in summer. Apparently in colour psychology yellow is the colour of knowledge, the mind and intellect...I'll take that!