Christmas Gift Guide for a Maverick

Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know deep down inside that christmas is all about the gifts. Nothing worse than seeing the look of disappointment, followed by a toothy fake smile when you know you have picked a bad gift.

Well we are in a giving mood here at Mavericks HQ and we have always got your back. So we have put together a Gift Guide to help please a man's inner Maverick. Use this gift guide and we reckon there will be nothing but happiness and hugs all around on the big day.

Of course, if you are sick of getting bad gifts yourself, then share this guide with your present-buying loved ones!

Clockwise from top left:

Meandher Shoes - Jim
Pretty much our favourite shoe brand. Based in Sydney, Meandher just keep getting better and better. You will have seen a lot of Meandher shoes on our site and we are hoping for more in our stockings this Christmas. Jim is coupled with a pair of our own Nemo Coral laces to add that finishing touch.

Uniform Wares - 203 Series Watch
We love minimal design. Enough said. If you are lucky enough to wear one on your wrist, make sure you enjoy feeling like James Dean, because damn you look good boy!

Triumph & Disaster - Gameface Moisturiser 
We have written about these guys before, but we can't get enough. Super nice dudes from NZ making quality Men's skincare, shaving and grooming products. Thanks to this stuff we still have baby faces even after all nighters coming up with new lacing styles.

Dollar Shave Club - Razors
If you haven't heard of the dollar shave club you are in for a real treat. Check out this video for the hilarious rundown. Basically this is a subscription service where you pay around $3 a month and quality razors are shipped to you each month. Save money, time and effort - Like a Maverick!

Mavericks Laces - Ryder Orange
Everyone loves Ryder Orange laces. Ryder is a man of mystery and adventure. No one knows where he came from or what his past is, a bit like Don Draper but without all the scotch drinking. He has been sighted all over the world in chocolate, navy and red shoes.

P.Johnson Tailors - Ink Graphic Pocket Square 
We have really gotten into pocket squares this season. They are like coloured shoelaces for your blazer. P.Johnson are the best in the biz for all things suits and they have got some crazy cool prints in their pocket square range. Fold, twirl or ruffle - style it your way as always!

Seth Godin - Small Is The New Big
Seth Godin is the man. He has written heaps of best sellers and is one of the most influential business thinkers today. This book is a collection of his best articles from his famous blog. Lots of inspiration riffs and ideas to help a Maverick take on the world. Why buy a book about an online blog? So you can read it next to the pool with a cocktail that has a curly straw and you won't look like a nerd.

P.Johnson Tailors - Knitted Tie 
At Mavericks Laces we don't wear ties that often because we try and pretend we are like Richard Branson. But when the occasion arises and a tie is required, we love these knitted pieces from P.Johnson Tailors. Great quality and an awesome range of colours. 

Bellroy - Hide & Seek Wallet 
Do you have a bulging ready to explode wallet like George Costanza's? Bellroy has the answer - they exist to Slim Your Wallet. Such a well designed product, made from awesome leather. Everyone needs one of these wallets.

Barnaby Socks - Winston 
Up and coming sock brand from Melbourne. Barnaby Socks feature unique designs that are inspired by geometry, patterns, symmetry and colour. The crazy thing is each pair of these socks comes with a button to help keep them together, so no more odd pairs! Golden.

Bailey Nelson - Lewis Sunnies
Spectacular(!) glasses and sunnies from Sydney brand Bailey Nelson. A great range of styles and colours, all at very reasonable prices. Why buy overpriced designer glasses with huge gross logos on the side, when you can get great value designer glasses from these legends.

Mavericks Laces - Thomas Electric Blue
Indigo is the colour of the season and Thomas is the king of indigo. Thomas is not afraid to reinvent the wheel if necessary. He has a positive energy that people just love to be around. Let Thomas do the talking by partnering him with any light shade of shoe. Bravo Thomas.