The Travelling Maverick

A true Maverick is not bound by nor defined by geographical location. There are Mavericks all over the world. It is a mindset, a way of doing things, a promise to always challenge the status quo and express yourself. We at Mavericks need to do our duty to this great world and never rest until we have spread the Maverick way of life and the magic of colourful shoelaces to lands near and far. Sure the interwebs is great and we love our online tribe, but we are people people. We wanted to rub shoulders with Mavericks, be able to say hello and have a yarn, to shake some hands and make real connections.

But first we needed a vehicle, we needed to be mobile, we needed to know that wherever we laid our heads at night, we would feel like a Maverick. So we built something special.
Introducing.. The Travelling Maverick.

Made from reclaimed timber that Captain Cook left us in his will, this magnificent piece of craftsmanship comes with central locking and rear parking sensors. This bad boy will lead us on many adventures and won't even cost us a dime at the petrol pump. Look out for the Travelling Maverick on your journeys, and when you spot him, don't be shy.