Tomi is very talented, period. Her illustration work appears in the pages of Monocle Magazine, TIME Magazine and The New York Times to name a few. We were lucky enough to work with Tomi to produce a custom Springtime illustration for our mailer packaging to help launch our new SS14 range of colours. Her fun and quirky illustrations with pops of colour are a joy to behold and we couldn't be happier with the artwork she created for Mavericks Laces - you can see the final result here.

We asked Tomi to tell us a bit more about herself with our quick-fire Meet a Maverick Q&A. 

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Always wanted to be an artist growing up.

What do you do now and how did you end up there?
Now I am an illustrator and I love my work. I ended up here after years of trying different lines of work where I often felt like a misfit. It is truly gratifying to do everyday what I consider as my calling.

How would you describe your style of work?
Bustling, bubbly and good-time.

If you could work with any three people on a project who would they be?
Future-me, Euripides, Haruki Murakami.

What is your ninja skill?
I can sleep through anything.

What are you shit at?
Making small talk is so hard.

When you think of a ‘Maverick’ who comes to mind and because of what traits?
Beethoven’s music was groundbreaking in its days and still sounds fresh to modern ears.

What is your favourite creative outlet?

Where do you find inspiration?
People watching, museums, operas, movies, books

Favourite colour?
Primary colors, pastels

What pair of shoes do you wear the most?
Flip-flops, Mizuno running shoes

What tunes are you currently blasting and are they any good?
J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concertos No.1-3, Trevor Pinnock, Deutsche Grammophon, 2002.
Listening to this recording while working helps organise my thoughts and move my hand and draw faster.