Pigeonboy x Mavericks Laces - Street Laces Packaging

Pigeonboy is a very talented illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne and more importantly a really great bloke. We stumbled across Pigeonboy's awesome instagram account and loved his rad illustrations that had us laughing as well. Mavericks Laces teamed up with Pigeonboy to create a new packaging concept for our new Street Laces range. Pigeonboy created two stickers that defined a 'Maverick' in his eyes, these stickers are combined with a resealable black pouch that keeps your street laces safe and secure so you can sleep easy at night.

We are totally stocked with these illustrations, with their sharp monochrome lines, cartoon style and plenty of humour. 



All Street Laces 6 Pack orders will arrive in one of these special custom illustration packages, while any order of street laces will receive a sticker of either artwork with their order.

We have interviewed Pigeonboy to find out what makes the man tick - check it out here.

Cheers from the Mavs team.