February 05, 2015

Pigeonboy x Mavericks Laces - Street Laces Packaging

Pigeonboy is a very talented illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne and more importantly a really great bloke. We stumbled across Pigeonboy's awesome instagram account and loved his rad illustrations that had us laughing as well. Mavericks Laces teamed up with Pigeonboy to create a new packaging concept for our new Street Laces range. Pigeonboy created two stickers that defined a 'Maverick' in his eyes, these stickers are combined with a resealable black pouch that keeps your street laces safe and secure so you can sleep easy at night.

We are totally stocked with these illustrations, with their sharp monochrome lines, cartoon style and plenty of humour. 



All Street Laces 6 Pack orders will arrive in one of these special custom illustration packages, while any order of street laces will receive a sticker of either artwork with their order.

We have interviewed Pigeonboy to find out what makes the man tick - check it out here.

Cheers from the Mavs team.

October 02, 2014



Tomi is very talented, period. Her illustration work appears in the pages of Monocle Magazine, TIME Magazine and The New York Times to name a few. We were lucky enough to work with Tomi to produce a custom Springtime illustration for our mailer packaging to help launch our new SS14 range of colours. Her fun and quirky illustrations with pops of colour are a joy to behold and we couldn't be happier with the artwork she created for Mavericks Laces - you can see the final result here.

We asked Tomi to tell us a bit more about herself with our quick-fire Meet a Maverick Q&A. 

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Always wanted to be an artist growing up.

What do you do now and how did you end up there?
Now I am an illustrator and I love my work. I ended up here after years of trying different lines of work where I often felt like a misfit. It is truly gratifying to do everyday what I consider as my calling.

How would you describe your style of work?
Bustling, bubbly and good-time.

If you could work with any three people on a project who would they be?
Future-me, Euripides, Haruki Murakami.

What is your ninja skill?
I can sleep through anything.

What are you shit at?
Making small talk is so hard.

When you think of a ‘Maverick’ who comes to mind and because of what traits?
Beethoven’s music was groundbreaking in its days and still sounds fresh to modern ears.

What is your favourite creative outlet?

Where do you find inspiration?
People watching, museums, operas, movies, books

Favourite colour?
Primary colors, pastels

What pair of shoes do you wear the most?
Flip-flops, Mizuno running shoes

What tunes are you currently blasting and are they any good?
J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concertos No.1-3, Trevor Pinnock, Deutsche Grammophon, 2002.
Listening to this recording while working helps organise my thoughts and move my hand and draw faster.


October 02, 2014

Tomi Um x Mavericks Mailers - Spring Illustration

Tomi Um is a very talented illustrator from NYC. We have admired Tomi's work for a while and we thought her fun and colourful style would compliment our new SS14 range of laces. So we bit the bullet and got on to her and asked her to create a custom illustration of Melbourne in springtime that we could apply to our mailer packaging to brighten up the day of all our online customers. At Mavericks we believe everything is a blank canvas, and our mailers are no exception, with some personality and colour you really can transform any boring object into something personal and fun.

We love this illustration scene, it sums up all the best things about spring time - the races, bbqs with friends, fun in the park and just general good vibes.



All online orders will receive one of these special custom illustrations on their mailer packaging for the months of spring and summer. There has never been a better reason to transform your shoes in the warmer months.

We have interviewed Tomi for our October Meet a Maverick Q&A - check it out here.

Cheers from the Mavs team.

September 10, 2014

Meet a Maverick Q&A - Glen Gerreyn

Glen Gerreyn - Motivational speaker & the man behind Revolution Red Campaign

Glen first appeared on our radar when he approached us about partnering with him to help promote ending youth suicide through Revolution Red Campaign. After a quick chat on the phone two things quickly became clear:
1) Glen is one positive and energetic dude with a passion to inspire people
2) We wanted to collaborate with him

So for the last month we have been promoting people to wear our red laces in support of Revolution Red and youth suicide on September 10. Proceeds from the sale of the laces have been passed on to Kids Helpline to ensure there is someone else on the end of the line for the youth who need it most. 

It has truly been a pleasure to put our humble laces towards a good cause and we are grateful to have met a Maverick like Glen. 

We recently got Glen to lace up and tell us a bit more about himself as the first instalment of our monthly interview series called Meet a Maverick.



What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A Rockstar!

What do you do now and how did you end up there?
Motivational Speaker – I ended up here not intentionally but kinda by accident. 

How would you describe your style of work?

If you could work with any three people on a project who would they be?
Martin Luther King, Mohandas Gandhi , Vaclav Havel.

What is your ninja skill?
Inspiring people. 

What are you shit at?

When you think of a ‘Maverick’ who comes to mind and because of what traits?
Nelson Mandela – Because of his commitment to a cause. 

What is your favourite creative outlet?
Writing and designing new motivational programs.  

Where do you find inspiration?
People inspire me, I love hearing their stores and what makes them tick.

Favourite colour?

What pair of shoes do you wear the most?
Air Jordans. 

What tunes are you currently blasting and are they any good?
Empire State of Mind
The Fighter
Hall of Fame

August 26, 2014

Dads Are Awesome


In celebration of Fathers Day on September 7th check out some Dad related internet goodness below.


One Awesome & Creative Dad

Dad illustrates kids’ sandwich bags with imaginative drawings every day. Most high school kids would choose school lunches over homemade lunches when given the choice. But not David LaFerriere’s kids Evan, 15, and Kenny, 14, because they’d miss out on their dad’s hand-drawn-surprise lunch bags!
Via Flickr 


"Dad I have something to tell you.."

Jimmy Kimmel recently got people to stand next to their father and admit to a lie they had told in the past...with hilarious results.
Via Buzzfeed


Pinterest For Your Dad

Pinterest boards your Dad will actually want to check out. See, it isn't just for Mum's with iPads.
Via Mashable


Which TV Dad Is Actually Your Father?

Your Mum lied. Take the test to find out. Please be Phil Dunphy, please be Phil Dunphy.....oh...Walter White!?
Via Buzzfeed

April 03, 2014

Mavericks Laces X Best In Park - $250 Instagram Giveaway

At Mavericks we love meeting and collaborating with other Melbourne businesses that push the envelope and break the shackles of normality. When we met the awesome folk of Best In Park we almost wished we were a dog. These guys make the best bespoke leather dog accessories you will find anywhere. If you want your dog to join you in feeling like a Maverick everyday now you know how.

For the whole of April we are giving away $250 worth of laces, leads and collars. All you need to do is take part of your simple instagram giveaway, and if your photo is chosen on 1st of May as the winner you get the loot!

What you and your hound get:
15 different colour pairs of Mavericks Laces (RRP $125)
1 Best In Park luxury collar and lead (RRP $125)

What you and your hound need to do:
Take a photo of your shoes and dog in the same shot
Upload photo to instagram and hashtag #houndsandlaces
Follow @maverickslaces and @bestinpark
Check to see if you are the winner on 1st of May

Happy snapping. See you on Instagram.

- The Mavericks Team
February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day recipes from the Mavericks


Need some inspiration for treating your better half on Valentine’s Day? Lucky for you, you have come to the right place. Skip the cheesy restaurants and fine dining and man up. A Maverick takes matters in to his own hands! Time to get into the kitchen at home on Valentine’s day and cook up a wicked dish that will blow her away. Convinced? Good. Read on.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and express your eternal love through the power of a home cooked meal. Bravo, we salute you! Now first of all you need a plan, as in a recipe. Below you will find our own secret breakfast and dinner recipes, complete with ingredients and simple instructions. You can’t go wrong ol’ chap!

Jay’s special smokin’ beans with eggs

Serves 2 (duh!)

Shopping List / Ingredients:
4 free range eggs
4 slices chilli pancetta chopped
1 red onion diced
2 cloves garlic sliced
1 large red chilli sliced
3 sprigs thyme
2 tins tomatoes
1 tin red kidney beans
1 tbsp Dijon Mustard
1 tbsp Hot English Mustard
2 tbsp Worcestershire
3 tbsp HP sauce

To Serve:
Handful chopped parsley
Persian fetta
Crusty bread

How To Cook:
Step 1. Get shallow oven proof pan or dish on the heat

Step 2. Sauté onion, pancetta, onion and garlic. Then add tinned tomatoes, mustards, HP, Worcestershire, thyme leaves, season with salt and pepper. Simmer for 20 mins

Step 3. Add beans, simmer for another 10 minutes. Turn on overhead grill in oven.

Step 4. Make 4 little pits in pan with a spoon and crack an egg into each one. Cook until egg whites are almost done then place pan in oven under grill until eggs are white with yolk still runny.

Step 5. Dish up 2 eggs and beans to a bowl, sprinkle with feta, parsley and cracked salt and pepper. Place bowl on tray with cutlery and napkins. 

Step 6. Pour a small glass of champagne with a strawberry for garnish and add to the serving tray. Burst into the bedroom with a big beaming smile and serve breakfast in bed. 

Step 7. Brag to all your mates at work about how awesome your breakfast effort was.

Luke’s sensuous steak with balsamic-glazed mushrooms

Serves 2 

Shopping List / Ingredients:
2 good quality steak cuts (we went for rump which is delicious when marinated)
300g swiss brown mushrooms
1 small bunch fresh thyme
1 lemon
2 garlic cloves chopped
1 knob of butter
70g rocket leaves
1 tsp hot english mustard
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper

For Marinade:
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup olive oil
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup worcestershire sauce
2 tsp ground pepper
1 tsp diced garlic

How To Cook :
Step 1. Combine the marinade ingredients and pour over steaks. Place in fridge and marinate over night.

Step 2. Take the steaks out of the fridge. Clean the mushrooms and trim the stalks to the cap. Get a frying pan on a medium heat and a griddle pan on a high heat. 

Step 3. Add olive oil to the frying pan when hot, then add the mushrooms flat to the pan and fry gently in one layer for 5 minutes before turning. Once turned add the garlic and some salt and pepper to the pan. When mushrooms are soft and garlic is golden turn the heat off and thrown in a knob of butter and drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Mix it all around in the pan to coat the mushrooms.

Step 4. Add the steaks to the HOT griddle pan and press down lightly once for grill marks. For medium rare, cook for 2 minutes each side for an average thickness rump steak. Adjust grilling time to your preference. Once grilled, place on a plate and rest for 2 minutes.

Step 5. Add the juice of half a lemon, some olive oil, the mustard and some salt and pepper to a bowl and combine for the dressing. Once the steak is rested pour some of the juices into the bowl and use the dressing on your rocket.

Step 6. Set the table, light the candles, whack on some relaxed tunes and turn the TV off! Arrange the mushrooms and dress rocket leaves between the two serving plates, cut each steak into strips and arrange on the plate nicely. Presentation goes a long way! 

Step 7. Rip your apron off, pour two big glasses of Shiraz Voigner or your favourite red and serve up dinner. Make a toast to your partner and their health.

Step 8. Discuss what movie you will watch after dinner and try to avoid The Notebook at all costs.